The girl wearing sunglasses and smiling
Hey, I am Iryna. The Storyfy project’s creator. A journalist by education and a storyteller by heart. Always on the lookout for interesting people from all over the world. Always ready to lend an ear to listen. Neither pictures nor souvenirs but people`s incredible stories – this is what I collect while on travel and value the most. And I cannot help but share these stories with you.

The mission of The Storyfy is to share life stories in order to build connections between people and create a more compassionate and conscious world.

You will find stories of people from different countries and with different backgrounds, people of all ages, the rich and the poor, monks and atheists, people who are doing bad deeds, people who are doing good deeds, dreamers, businessmen, homeless, travelers. Weirdoes, who, in fact, are saner than any other of us are. Very different – as their experiences are; as their stories are.

These are not typical success stories, like “he took a risk, invested, and got richer,” because with success, we mean not only money but often – no money at all. No, every story is a confession about the struggle against their own fears, pain, and social prejudices. About the destruction of the carefully built inner walls. About the construction of the inner bridges that serve as paths to changes. About forgiveness and gratefulness.

These confessions are like films embodied in the texts. Immersing yourself in the inner world of another person, you will find that life circumstances are all different, but fears, doubts, and frustrations are often common. These people are like you, and they did not bend to this world but accepted the existing life rules and created their own. So you can.

Get inspired. Dream. Act. In the end, only actions matter.